Time Zones in axapta 2009

Time Zones

Earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX did not support multiple time zones,without setting up an Application Object Server for each time zone. Otherwise,customers who have users spread across multiple time zones needed all the clients to use a single time zone.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 supports multiple time zones without the need to set up an AOS for each time zone. Time zone preferences are set at the user level,and information in date and time fields is displayed in the user's preferred timezone. This is helpful for any customer who has Microsoft Dynamics AX users in multiple time zones.

All system Date and Time fields have been merged into DateTime fields that store values in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 converts all DateTime data to UTC before saving it to the database.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 users can select a preferred time zone in which they want to view the DateTime data and the system will automatically convert the data into the user's preferred time zone when displaying it.

For Customers moving from an earlier version to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009,
the system date and time fields will be automatically merged and converted to UTC during the upgrade process. The Customer is asked to select a time zone to use as the source time zone for the data during the upgrade process. This timezone is then used to convert the stored data into UTC.