Steps to Create Role Centers in Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2009

Steps to Create Role Centers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009:

I. Create an Enterprise Portal page

1. Launch the Enterprise Portal Website. Go to

Administration -> Setup -> Internet -> Enterprise Portal -> Web Sites


Hit the URL of the Sharepoint site in the Browser Window.



2. In the next step, Select Site Actions and select the Create option there.

3. In the New Web Part Page, select a Layout Template and name the .aspx page.

Hit the Create button and the new Web part page is created.

4. In the next step, we need to add a Web Part to the Web page. In this case, we will add the Cues Web part which is available under the Miscellaneous section in the Add Web Parts page.
The Cues Web part shows a pictorial representation of an important number for a business, such as the number of open sales orders.

Click the Add Button to add the Cues Web part to the Web page. The Cues web part is added to the Web Page.

  5. Set the Properties of the Web part after adding the Web part to the Web page. Select Modify Shared Web Part to set the Properties of the Shared Web Part.

Select Exit Edit Mode on the Customer Service Lists page.

II. Add Enterprise Portal page to the AOT
1. In Dynamics AX 2009, open the AOT.

2. Browse to the Web Menu Items. Right click the URL menu item and select new URL.

3. Right Click on the URL node under the Web Menu Items node.  A new URL node is created.

4. The Properties window opens up as shown below.
Enter the name of the URL and assign a Label to the URL as shown below.

Assign an URL field to the Web Menu Item. Hit the Ellipses button and the Browse for Folder window opens up.

In the Browse for Folder window, select the Customer Service.aspx page that we created through the Create a new Web Part page feature available.
Close the Browse for folder window by clicking Ok.  The URL Property of the Web Menu Item is set.

5. Set the Home Page property to Yes.

III. Create a new User Profile and link it to the Enterprise Portal Page

1. Go to the User Profiles form under Administration -> User Profiles form.

2. In the User Profiles form, create a new User Profile. Hit the Ctrl + N button to create a new User Profile.
In the User Profile form, enter the Profile ID and within the Description field enter a description for the User Profile that was created.

Select the Role Center as Customer Service here for the respective Profile ID.
Hit the Save Button and the User Profile ID is saved.

3. Assign the User Profile IDs to the various users.

4. The Add User window opens up and in this step we assign a User Profile for a user.

Select the Company where you want the Customer Service Role to be applicable. Hit Ok if you want the Customer Service Role to persist across various companies.

5. Select the Users Tab in the User Profiles form. Check whether the Users are added to the User Profiles form.

IV. Create Cue Items:
1. Go to Accounts Receivable -> Sales Order.

2. Open the Sales Order Form. Click on the Advanced Filter Button/ Use the Shortcut Ctrl + F3 to open the Advanced Filter window. Hit the Ctrl + N button to add a new Filter in the Advanced Filter window.

You need to save the Cube to be used in the Cue Web part that we added to the Customer Service page. To save the Cue, select Save as Cue.

3. The Save As Cue window .

  Enter CueId as SalesOrderJournals and the Caption as Sales Order Journals in the Save as Cue window. Click OK once you have mentioned the details here.

4. Go to Accounts Receivable -> Sales Quotation Details. The Sales Quotation window opens up as shown below.

 Hit Ctrl + F3 to open the Inquiry Window. Set the Quotation Type here to Sales Quotation and the Quotation Status as created here.

Click the Modify Button and Save the Filter as Cue.

5. The Save as Cue window opens up as shown below. Enter the Cue Id and the Caption in the Save as Cue window.

Click OK to close the Inquiry Button window.

 6. Perform the Same Actions for the Open Sales Order Forms.
In the Inquiry Window, ensure that you apply the filter as shown below:

V. Adding Cues to the Cue Web parts:

1. Go to the Customer Service Enterprise Portal Web page. Click the Drop Down next to the Cues and click Modify Shared Web part.

 2. The Properties window of the Cues Opens up. Set the Appropriate properties as shown below:

Select the Cue to modify.

Hit Ok and the the Cue Web part is now added to the Web page.

3. The Site should stay in the Modified mode for Cues. Hit Ok to apply the changes.

 4. In the Cue2 section for the view drop down select Open Sales Order and click Apply.

5. The site should stay in the modified mode for Cues.

 6. In the Select a Cue to Modify pick Cue 3.

 7. In the Cue3 section for the view drop down select Sales Order Journals and click Apply.

hit Exit Edit mode once the Cues are added to the Cues Web Parts.
VI. Add the Quick Links Web parts to the AOT.

1. In the AOT -> Web Menus -> EPHomeQuickLaunch.

2. Right Click the EPHomeQuickLaunch and select MenuItem.

3. Right Click the Menu Item after creation and in the Properties window, select the MenuItemName. Select EPCustInvoiceList in the MenuItemName.

 VII. Results

Hit the Home Page after logging into the User Account for which the Role Center is created and observe the changes.