Common editor hotkeys in Dynamics Axapta

ctrl+n Create a new method.

ctrl+s Save all methods in the left window.

Toggle break point
F9 Set break point.

Enable/disable break point
ctrl+F9 Used to skip break point without removing it.

Remove all breakpoints
ctrl+shift+F9 Remove all breakpoints set by the user.

List breakpoints
Shift+F9 List all breakpoints.

F7 Compile all methods in the left window.

ctrl+space Show a yellow tool tip. Depending on the code clicked, the following will be shown: the base type of an extended type, parameter profile for a method or the label text for a label id.

Lookup Label/Text
ctrl+alt+space If a label id is marked, the corresponding label id and label text is shown in the label system.

Lookup Definitions
ctrl+shift+space Will open the selected method in a new editor window. No need to mark the method name. If the method is not overridden, no window will be opened.

Alt+m Opens the script menu.

List Tables
F2 List all tables.

List Classes
F12 List all classes.

List Types
F4 List all extended data types.

List Enums
F11 List all base enums.

List Reserved Words
shift+F2 List all reserved words.

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