Sample of questions for Microsoft Human Resources Management certification

Which statement describes the relationship between Poles, Positions and Jobs?
A - Positions and jobs are variants of roles
B - Positions and roles are variants of jobs
C - Jobs and roles are types of positions
D - A position is a manager role; a job is an employee role
Answer: C
Question: 2
Your company has decided to restructure its organization, and you need to move 10 people from
the Quality Control unit to another unit. To move these employees, which of the following can you
A - You can move all employees individually on the Employee form
B - You can move the Quality Control positions to the new unit, and thereby automatically update
the affiliation of the employees that hold the positions
C - You can move all Quality Control employees simultaneously to the new unit on the
Organization form
D - You can eliminate the Quality Control positions altogether, and create new positions in the
new unit in the Positions form
Answer: A, C
Question: 3
What is the maximum employment factor that a person employed in four different units may
A - 025
B - 1.0
C - 4.0
D - A person cannot be employed in different units
Answer: B
Question: 4
In addition to manually entering employee base data in the Employee form, from which of these
forms can you also copy this information?
A - Virtual Network form
B - Hire form
C - Applicant form
D - Organization form
Answer: C
Question: 5
With which of the following can you associate strategic plans?
A - Employees and an organization unit
B - Applicants and a recruitment project
C - Contact persons and business relations
D - Customers
Answer: A
Question: 6
The Sales department has enjoyed considerable success recently, and need additional support
with processing the new orders. To provide the extra sales support personnel, you decide to
merge a Sales Administration unit with the Sales unit. How do you merge the two organization
units into one?
A - Drag a unit and drop one on another, and then click Confirm when asked Merge.
B - Select an organization unit, and select the Move option, and then indicate the unit with which
you want to merge
C - Move all employees from one unit to the other, and then close the first unit
D - Right-click on a unit, and then select Merge With
Answer: B
Question: 7
Your company is restructuring its organizational structure, and wants to reduce the overall
number of organization units.
However, you want to do so on a trial basis, that is, you only want to make certain units inactive
for a certain period.
Which of the following conditions effect whether you can make an organization unit inactive?
A - There are no people employed in the unit
B - There are no active units below the unit
C - All employees in the unit have been terminated from related positions
D - You use the correct reason code
Answer: B
Question: 8
To move an employee from one unit to another, which of the following does you need to do?
A - Enter the start date in the new unit and the system automatically sets an end date in the
current unit
B - Enter an end date and clear the employment factor in the current Unit - and then hire the
employee into the new unit
C - Enter the end date in the current unit and clear the employment factor - and then enter the
start date and the employment factor in the new unit
D - Enter the end date in the current unit, and then enter the start date and the employment factor
in the new unit
Answer: D
Question: 9
Which of these are situations in which you would use Reason codes?
A - When moving, hiring, or terminating an employee
B - When assigning benefits
C - When updating an employee resume
D - When ending a recruitment project
Answer: A
Question: 10
Management has decided to target an opportunity in a business area that is entirely new to the
company. It is your responsibility to create a new organization unit and positions, and then fill
positions in the unit with specialists in the new field. What do you need to remember about the
relationship between organization units and positions?
A - They are completely interdependent. One cannot be used without the other
B - There is no interdependency. You can use organization units without positions, and vice versa
C - Organization units must have positions related to them
D - Positions must always be related to an organization unit
Answer: B
Question: 11
From where can you access the Balanced Scorecard functionalities?
A - General ledger menu
B - CRM menu
C - Human resources menu
D - Enterprise portal
Answer: C, D
Question: 12
Which of the following rules apply to project organization affiliations?
A - A person can be affiliated to an indefinite number of project units
B - A person can be affiliated to a maximum of five project units
C - A person can be affiliated to a maximum of ten project units
D - A person can be affiliated to an indefinite number of project units, provided the person is
already affiliated to a line unit
Answer: A
Question: 13
When a position is inactive, which of the following can you do?
A - You can hire people into it as usual
B - You can move people into it if you assign a future start date
C - You cannot hire people into the position
D - You cannot change position information
Answer: C
Question: 14
Assigning employment factors to employees helps you do which of the following?
A - Ensure that the head count budgeted for an organization unit is not exceeded
B - Avoid employing people more than once in the same company or unit
C - Ensure that no employee is employed more than full-time
D - Facilitate the Head count report
Answer: C
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Question: 15
When you hire an applicant, Microsoft Axapta will automatically handle base data in which of the
following manners?
A - Microsoft Axapta deletes all data related to the person in the Applicant form
B - Microsoft Axapta transfers the data to the Employee table
C - Microsoft Axapta will confirm the transfer of base data
D - Microsoft Axapta does not handle base data, it must be transferred manually
Answer: B
Question: 16
Which of these can you facilitate by maintaining employee records?
A - Automatically updating the employment history’
B - Assigning activities to an employee’s development plan
C - Keeping track of an employee’s activities within the company
D - Evaluating an employee’s performance level
Answer: C
Question: 17
Which of these features links an employee to absence validations?
A - The absence group
B - The absence journal
C - The absence setup
D - The multi-registration journal
Answer: C
Question: 18
Absence registration always involves cooperation between what two people?
A - A finance manager and an approver
B - An employee and an approver
C - A manager and a human resource manager
D - Absence managers can handle absence registration autonomously
Answer: B
Question: 19
In the Human Resources module, certificates represent which of the following?
A - They are a way to identify employees that participated in training courses
B - They are simple documentation of employee skills. Each skill has a corresponding certificate
C - They prove that you are qualified to participate in a training course
D - They represent time constrained proof that an employee has the ability to perform specific
Answer: D