Set Best Practice Options in MSD axapta

Best Practice checks are executed to make sure the guidelines for Best Practices are used. The Best Practice checks are executed during compilation or when the Check Best Practices menu item is selected on the Add-ins menu in the AOT.
Best Practice checks are only executed with the compiler if the Diagnostic level field in the Compiler setup form is set to Level 4. A complete disabling of Best Practice checks is completed by selecting a diagnostic level lower than Level 4.
The tree-structure in the Best Practice parameters form makes it possible to select or clear Best Practice checks. When changes are made, the Apply button becomes available.
To accept any changes made in this form, click Apply or OK.
The Warning level field lets users select the number of messages they receive caused by ignoring Best Practice checks.
The Warning level field can have the following values set:
• Errors only - Only checks that produce errors are executed
• Errors and warnings - Only checks that produce both errors and warnings are executed
• All - All checks are executed To accept a new warning level, click Apply or OK.