Autoform for Microsoft Dynamics Axapta is not advisable

Autoform for dynamics axapta is not advisable

If you are seeking for auto form functionality in dynamics axapta then its not advisable because axapta is ERP not language kind of like or java. Dynamic form and report is feasible to make but it will not work properly.

If anyway you able to design and develop run time form then to make report run time is not feasible because lot of design work and formatting may required to client which is only possible in static designed report.

Taking everything run time and dynamic is time waste work if you are leading technical team then never advice for run time functionality for form and report.

If you want to report run time then showing data in Microsoft excel from axapta is advisable.

If you are trying to make dynamic entry from dot net platform and making report in axapta then it will not easily feasible. Crosstab query work well in Microsoft access , sql excel etc but in axapta ERP there is no such facility.

So take care during development of forms and reports at run time.