Sales Order Creation in Microsoft dynamics Axapta

Steps to create Sales Order in Microsoft dynamics Ax

Go to Account Recievable Menu from Main Menu
Click on sales order details

On Overview Tabl first grid Click on New Button or Press CTRL+N

Then Select the customer Account

In Ax 2009
Select Delivery Address

Select Payment Terms

Click on OK

Click on Line details

Select Item number in Item Number field

Enter Quantity in Quantity field

Enter Unit Rate in Unit Rate Field

Click on Setup Tab

Then you can fill other fields like under delivery ,over delivery etc using setup tab.

then Click on Setup Button and select Misc. Charges if required

Click on Misc. Charges code field and select the charges code from the list.

Then you can select or change dimensions using dimension tab as per requirement.

Click on save button if you will not click then it will save automatically.
After doing all entries you can post for picking,packing then invoicing.

Create Sales Order in AX 2012

Create Sales Order in AX 2012

Create Sales Order by Code

create sales order through code