SQL database Data backup files with Bak Extension

SQL Table Data backup

Enter in the Data server.

Go to Start > Programs > SQL server 2005 > Click on SQL Server management Studio > Click on Connect > Database > select the database ( i.e. AXTESTDATABASE) . Right click on the Database. Click on “Task”. > Click on Backup.

Click on SQL server management Studio. A window of “Connect to server” will appear.Click on “Connect”. SQL Server Management Studio will open.Click on “Databases” & select the appropriate database whose back-up to be taken.Right click on the data base. Click on Task & then click on “Backup”.

After clicking on Backup option, Backup database form will open. System by default will give one backup destination. The same destination can be changed with the help of “Remove” & “Add” button. Click on OK to start the back-up.