Question and answer on Report in MSD Axapta 2009

1. What are the three major components that constitute a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 report? Mark all that apply. (Select all that apply.)
(√) Designs
(√) Datasources
(√) Methods
( ) Layouts

2. What is the difference between an AutoDesign specification and a custom GeneratedDesign specification?
ANSWER - When you are using AutoDesignSpecs, the report layout is generated when the report is run. Its content and layout are based on the query used for the report. In a GeneratedDesign the layout is dictated by its design structure that is created in the Visual Report Designer and not by a query or report template.

3. A Section group can contain which items? Mark all that apply. (Select all that apply.)
(√) Bodies
(√) Footers
(√) Headers
( ) Page Footers

4. What are some features of the Visual Report Designer that make it an ideal choice for designing reports?
ANSWER - The Visual Report Designer allows you to drag and drop report field elements for placement in the report. It allows you to change the scaling while in design mode so you can place your objects more accurately.