Question and answer on BOM Calculation in Axapta

1. What is the difference between opening the BOM calculation form from the Item form or the Periodic folder?
ANSWER - The Item form runs the calculation for the selected item. Calculation for all BOM items can be run from the Periodic folder.
2. Regarding the Summary and Complete functions in the Item price form, what is the difference between the displayed content?
ANSWER - The Summary function displays a summary of the price calculations by cost group for each BOM level. The Complete function displays the calculations for each BOM component line.
3. What function omits a BOM item from calculation?
ANSWER - Selecting the Stop explosion check box in the Item form.
4. Where is the default Calculation group set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009?
ANSWER - In the Inventory parameters form
5. What does a BOM structure show?
ANSWER - –How a single item or operation contributes to the price of its BOM level. –How much all items and operations on a particular
level contribute to the overall price. –An overview that displays summarized costs for Cost groups.
6. What are the four options available when you calculate cost prices?
ANSWER - Item cost price, Item purchase price, Trade agreements, and Inventory price.
7. Which of the following is used to gain better insight into the expenses across items and categories?
( ) Calculation groups
( ) Cost categories
( ) Profit settings
(•) Cost groups

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