Execute or call SQL Stored Procedure in MSD Axapta by code

To Execute or call SQL Stored Procedure in Axapta by code you can get hints from below code. You can also pass parameter with stored procedure in string format.

 UserConnection  Conn;  
 Statement   Stmt;  
 str   SqlStmt;  
 SqlSystem  sqlSystem;  
 SqlStatementExecutePermission   sqlPermission;  
 ResultSet   resultSet;  
 str StrFromdate,StTodate;  
 StrFromdate =strFmt("2010-01-01");  
 StTodate =strFmt("2014-03-31");  
 sqlSystem =new SqlSystem();  
 SqlStmt =strFmt('Exec SP_StoredProc \'%1\',\'%2\'',StrFromdate,StTodate) ;  
 Conn =new UserConnection();  
 Stmt = Conn.createStatement();  
 sqlPermission =new SqlStatementExecutePermission(SqlStmt);