Right way to Reverse the voucher in MSD Ax 2012

There is Right way to Reverse the voucher in Ax 2012 you can try other option too.

Click General ledger > Journals > General journal.
Press CTRL+N to create a new voucher and click Lines to open the Journal voucher form.
Click Functions and then click Load ledger transactions.
Select the voucher type in the Voucher type field. The voucher type will provide the voucher number for the reversed voucher.

Note:The voucher type should be of the reverse type to the original voucher smile emoticon . For example, if the original voucher type is Payment, the reversal voucher type must be Receipt.
Select the Invert sign check box to activate the Reversal method field.
In the Reversal method field, select a reversal option.

Debit/credit – The original voucher is reversed by changing the debit entry to credit entry on the reversal voucher.

+/- – The original voucher is reversed by inverting the amount signs on the reversal voucher.
Click Select to open the Select form.
Enter the criteria to select the voucher to copy.
Click OK to open the Voucher transaction form.
Select the voucher to reverse, and click Select lines.

In the Load ledger transactions form, click OK to reverse the voucher. The reversal entry of the original voucher is displayed in the Journal voucher form and the reversed voucher will have an Open status in the Journal form.

Validate and post the voucher