Steps to Create cube through Axapta

->First step is you need to Create a perspective for a cube

a)A perspective is a collection of tables and views that is used to identify the tables and views that contain measures and dimension attributes for a cube. After you create a perspective, you can use it to generate an Analysis Services cube through SQL Analysis Wizard.

b) Specify measures and attributes in Perspective and Set required properties for Perspective.

c) Generate and deploy the Analysis Services project using Perspective.

d) View cube objects in the generated project and see dimension relationship is ok or not. If not then you need to rework with your perspective and deployment.

e)Deploy you cube then you can see your cube in SQL analysis connect.

e) Process cube.

Code to get Invoice settlement data for customer in ax 2012

This is simple Code to get Invoice settlement amount data for customer payment in ax 2012. This data is after posting of data.

  select sum(SettleAmountCur) from custSettlement where  
           custSettlement.TransRecId == custtrans.RecId  

If you want get settlement amount before posting than you can refer spectrans table.The table SpecTrans contains all the transactions marked for settlement for payment journal.

 while select spectrans  
 join custtransopen  
 join custtrans  
 where spectrans.SpecCompany == ledgerjournaltrans.DataAreaId &&  
 spectrans.SpecTableId == ledgerjournaltrans.TableId &&  
 spectrans.SpecRecId == ledgerjournaltrans.RecId &&  
 spectrans.RefCompany == custtranssopen.DataAreaId &&  
 spectrans.RefTableId == custtranssopen.TableId &&  
 spectrans.RefRecId == custtranssopen.RecId &&  
custtransopen.RefRecId == custtrans.RecId &&  
 custtransopen.AccountNum == custtrans.AccountNum  
 info(strFmt('%1', custtrans.Invoice));  

Ternary Operator Example in Axapta

This is Ternary Operator Example in Axapta. Its same as below if else condition results.

 str result;  
   result = (custTable::find("US-027").RecId) ? "found" : "not found";  
   // Same as   

     resut= "found";  
     resut= "not found";  

How to get new Sales order number,Project proposal id and Transfer order number in Ax 2012

To get new Sales order number,Project proposal id and Transfer order number in Ax 2012 You can get hints from below code.

 //Get new sales Id   
 salesTable.SalesId = NumberSeq::newGetNum(SalesParameters::numRefSalesId()).num();  
 //Get new project proposal id  
 NumSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(NumberSeqReference::findReference(extendedTypeNum(ProjProposalId)));  
 //Get new Transfer order number  
 inventTransferTable.TransferId = InventTransferTable::numberSeq().num();  

Where parameter table is used and extended data type passed in method.

Check SSRS Report data through job in Ax 2012

If you want to Check SSRS Report data through job in Ax 2012 without executing report then you can get idea from below code.

   SalesOrderValueTmp tempTable;  
   SalesOrderValueDP dataProvider = new SalesOrderValueDP();  
   SalesOrderValueContract contract = new SalesOrderValueContract();  
   tempTable = dataProvider.getSalesOrderValueTmp();  
   while select tempTable  

In this code while look is use to get data inserted in temporary table from data provider class . Contract object is SSRS Report contract class object.

Microsoft MB6-890 exam Certification Ax 7 Rainier questions and answers dump sample

1. Which of the below is NOT a component of AX architecture?


Forms engine

UI interaction layer



2. In new AX architecture, AOS windows service has been  removed. True or False?



3. Number sequence fall in which part of application stack? 10/10

Application suite

Application foundation

Application platform

None of the above. It comes as a separate model which is not part of any of above.

4. Identify all the conceptual areas of AX cloud architecture.10/10

Shared Microsoft services

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Dynamics LifeCycle Services

5. Which of the below statement is true?


If an object fails in compilation whole build fails.

If an object fails in compilation, rest of the objects in the build will still work.

If an object fails in compilation, rest of the objects in the build will work but the build can't be deployed.

If an object fails in compilation, rest of the objects in the build will work but the package can't be created with error object.

6. What are the ways to arrange AX objects in application  explorer?

By type

By model



7. Choose the correct way to synchronize a table.


Right click on table and select synchronize

In project (where table is present), choose property to synchronize on build. Then build the project.

Right click the Tables node in application explorer and select synchronize.

Tables can only be synchronized from SQL server.

8. Forms can only edited in designer window not directly in  application explorer or solution explorer. True or False?



9. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?


A package can contain more than one model.

A model can contain more than one project.

A package can contain more than one project.

A model can contain more than one package.

10. Which of the below can be added as resource?


Image File

Excel File

External URL

All of the above.

11. Which of the below is a best practice for labels?


Label should be created for each external text.

Label should be created for each language in which AX is published by Microsoft.

New label should be created for each version of element.

None of the above.

12. Resources are stored in a system table in database. True  or False?



13. Identify the correct statement about labels.


Labels should be kept as plain text during development and should be created at the end of all development.

Labels should be created first before start of any other development.

Label file should be created before development and all labels post Ƹnal development.

None of the above.

14. Base enumeration elements can have


Values manually assigned to them.

Values automatically assigned to them.

Values decided upon run-time.

Values based upon formula.

15. Choose the correct statement


Base enum can extend any EDT.

Base enum can extend only EDT which is of type Base enum.

An EDT of type base enum can extend any base enum.

An EDT of type base enum can extend ony base enum whose element

values are manually assigned.

16. As a best practice, value of custom element in base


enumerator should

Start from maximum integer value descending.

Start from next higher integer value avaialble

Fit into the gap in existing element value if any.

Start after a gap from existing element values.

17. Which of the below is a primitive data type





Base enumerator

18. Which property in the string type EDT cannot be overridden in child EDT?


String Size

Display Length

Button Image

Change Case

19. Identify the best practice for EDTs


EDT should be created for every field in table except primitive data types.

Only create a subtype when needed.

EDTs should pass a "Was a" test.

EDTs should be created for each non-atomic entity.

20. Which table property is used for inheritance?






21. Which is NOT a value in 'Table Type' property?






22. A clustered index is


Used to maintain data integrity in table.

Used to decide on data storage pattern in database.

Used to define unique data fields in table.

Used to deƸne alternative key Ƹelds in table.

23. Identify the type of table relations


Fixed field relation

Normal relation

Related field Ƹxed relation

Field fixed relation

24. As a table best practice


'Created by' property should be 'Yes' for all tables..

'Created by' property should be 'Yes' for all transaction tables.

'Created by' property should be 'Yes' only for table where this information is needed for business.

'Created by' property should be 'Yes' only for parameter tables.