Purpose of batch jobs used in Axapta

1.Journalize finalized product receipts Batch job
Purpose of this batch job is to clear out receipt accrual balances when there is a difference between Purchase order receipt and Purchase order invoice.

2.Change based alerts Batch Job
When you set change base alert on field then notification generated on ax system for that activity of notification this job used.

3.Email distributor batch Job
Its used to send email,on which parameter set through alert and also used to send email notification for workflow.

Getting Management Reporter CU 7 Error during using syncing Ax 2012

Error Details:
We are not able to add new user in Management report and getting below error form integration log .

[ax 2012 companies to company] has encountered an error,processing will be aborted, Error text;A user being integrated could not be found on the specific domain

Solution: You can resolve above error by following steps.

1. Get list of Ax users .
2. Get list of domain users.
3. Compare users of Ax in Domain user and find that which user not present in domain if found the details then take further action.

You can create those users in domain to resolve this error or you can remove users in Ax which are not available in domain.

Setup Source Version Control in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

1.First you need to open AOT and go to Version control parameter As Shown in below screen.

Version control parameter

2.Then go to general table of Version control parameter form then select required parameters like Version control status,Version control system,repository folder etc

Version control status,Version control system,repository folder

3. After that go to team foundation server tab in above screen and specify the url.

 team foundation server tab

4.Then go to url then you can see Team room and specify further option in that url in browser.

Team room url

Menus Name for Ax 4.0

I am sharing here Menus name for Ax 4.0 standard. We know this version is outdated but when we started to search for some information on Ax 4.0 then did not get even lot of searching so I am sharing here to get it easily.

Ax 4

Menu Name
General ledger
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Inventory management
Master planning
Human Resources