Ax 2009 GST Installation hints

Prerequisites for GST Hotfix installation at Ax 2009

1.GST patch can only be installed for AX2009SP1 plus Consolidated GLS Layer for India (KB960013). 
The detail information can be found at Microsoft Partner source link.


Its  recommendation  you upgrade to RU8 for future better AX2009 hotfix supporting. However, RU8 is not a prerequisition to install GST patch but If its upgraded to RU 8 then no need to apply (KB960013) otherwise it will show message KB already installed like that.

2.Before you install India GST hotfix, please make sure you have installed AX2009 hotfix KB971935, KB2028696, and KB971154.

You can download hotfix from Microsoft partner source link for application and kernel both version.

 Restart AOS and full compile after each KB gets installed.  
You must Restart AOS and full compile after install the GST patch before open AX client. 

3.Install both the kernel fix and the application fix  for India GST.  First you need to install kernel hotfix then application.

4.Only the Application Object Server (AOS) instance must be updated via the kernel hotfix installation

5.Fix the over-layering issues.
● Complete the full compilation.
● Complete a full generation of the intermediate language (IL) before you use it.

Please note one important point you should have developer license on your ax system before proceeding GST Patch installation.


akshay kumar said...

what is fix over layering issues sir, and how to do that?

Santosh kumar Singh said...

You can use compare tool utility to resolve some issues.

prasad said...

I want KB971935, KB2028696, and KB971154 kb files. if any one have plz share