Monday, April 4, 2016

System getting hanged during software checklist in Ax 2012


Do you have any ideas to solve with AX hanging when I start "Marge code automatically" in SOFTWARE UPDATE CHECKLIST
(It's just updating AX 2012 R2 to AX 2012 R2 CU7)
It's screenshot with stage on which I have hangs:


During checklist system generate log at database side . Need to check whether disk space is enough at the time of process.

Check Memory utilization at database side and AOS Side.

There should be enough RAM on database side.

Check kernal and application version it should be same.

Check batch group is attached in proper batch server.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Value in Table column getting blank during Excel import by code in Axapta

If you have written code to import data in Ax Table using Excel template and getting value blank in any column which is string type but value is mentioned in Excel column.

After checking that column value getting that number entered in string field and import code not able to pick number in string field  to handle that situation you need to write below code for particular field .

 switch(Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().variantType())  
   case COMVariantType::VT_BSTR:  
     accNo = strFmt("%1", Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().bStr());  
   case COMVariantType::VT_DECIMAL, COMVariantType::VT_R4, COMVariantType::VT_R8:  
     accNo = strFmt("%1", any2int(Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().double()));  
   case COMVariantType::VT_I1, COMVariantType::VT_I2, COMVariantType::VT_I4:  
     accNo = strFmt("%1", Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().int());  
   case COMVariantType::VT_UI1, COMVariantType::VT_UI2, COMVariantType::VT_UI4:  
     accNo = strFmt("%1", Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().uLong());  
    case COMVariantType::VT_EMPTY:  
     accNo = '';  
     throw error(strfmt('Unhandled variant type %1).', Cells.Item(Rownum, 11).value().variantType()));  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Workflow user and SQL Error in Ax 2012

Error description:
Stopped workflow suddenly and throwing below error

Cannot select a record in Work items (WorkflowWorkItemTable). User: abc, Check and Approve Purchase Order.
The SQL database has issued an error.


Give Full CIL then error not resolved. 

We check batch job and showing there  batch job for workflow work item and due date getting stopped with error shown above. I changed the status of job to waiting.System Administrator->inquiries->Batch Jobs

After that workflow error resolved.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

View creation for Workflow status tracking for work item in Ax 2012

 There is simple View creation for Workflow status tracking for work item in Ax 2012. You can get table details in below diagram.

Workflow Tracking

Workflow status tracking for header table is workflowtrackingstatustable and to get different approval task for that table is workflowtrackingtable and same way to track workflow item-wise you can select table workflowworkitemtable and task status item wise is workflowtrackingworkitem.

You can define range for status field for pending ,cancel or stopped workflow.

You can give other column for range in view to check with small number of records. If repetitive records come then you can use group by in your query.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Setup Source Version Control in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

1.First you need to open AOT and go to Version control parameter As Shown in below screen.

Version control parameter

2.Then go to general table of Version control parameter form then select required parameters like Version control status,Version control system,repository folder etc

Version control status,Version control system,repository folder

3. After that go to team foundation server tab in above screen and specify the url.

 team foundation server tab

4.Then go to url then you can see Team room and specify further option in that url in browser.

Team room url

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dynamics Development Interface, Ax 2015 Rainier ,Ax7

Development Interface for Rainier

This is the AOT Overview where you can see data model,user interface, security,  services, code, resources,label files etc.

AOT Overview

 Data model include tables,views,Queries,Maps ,table collection etc.
Data Model

Data Type
Dynamics Ax7 tool is import where you ca deploy new changes,import project,build model,synchronize database,label details,addins ,option etc.

 User Interface module include forms,tiles,menus,menu-items etc
User Interface

Task Recorder in Microsoft Dynamics AX7 code named Rainer-AX 2015

Task Recorder

If you want to use Task Recorder in Microsoft Dynamics AX7 code named Rainer-AX 2015 then you can use option as below.

Go to Option then Select task recorder.
Task Recorder

Click on create new task.

New Task

Assign name of Task then click on start.

Create new Task

After finishing the process you need to stop task recorder. If you want to generate document you can do that by downloading word document option.