Create a new number sequence

Creating a new number sequence is achieved by creating a new reference for the

sequence. Follow these steps to create a new number sequence:

1. Create a new Extended Data Type (EDT). Often this EDT extends

num. This is not mandatory, but it is a best practice.

2. Decide which module’s parameters this number sequence reference

should be included in, and find the corresponding

NumberSeqReference sub class.

3. The loadModule() method shows a number of blocks of code, which

creates records in the table NumberSequenceReference.

4. Copy one of these blocks and change the following fields:

a. DataTypeID is the type Id of the new data type.

b. referenceLabel is the description shown in the left column of the

Number sequence tab on the parameters form.

c. referenceHelp is the longer description of the reference shown in

the top part of the Number sequence tab of the parameters form.

d. sortfield defines the sequence that the references are displayed

on the Number sequence tab of the parameters form.

5. There are a number of wizard fields used for default values when

using the wizard to create number sequences.

6. Create a static method used to retrieve the reference. This is usually

done on the relevant parameters table. Parameters tables show

methods beginning with numRef. Use one of these methods as a


7. The reference can then be referred to using this static method