Enterprise Portal Requirements in Axapta

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal is created by using existing Microsoft technologies, including:

Internet Information Services (IIS), for the portal Web site.

Windows Share Point Services or Office Share Point Server for the facilities to create information sharing Web sites, document collaboration, and other services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX .NET Business Connector so that Microsoft Dynamics AX business logic and data can be accessed through the portal.

Active Directory for security and authentication

Hardware and Software Requirements

Component Minimum Recommended

Processor 2.5 GHz Dual processors, each 3 GHz or faster

RAM 1 GB -2 GB

Disk 3 GB free space, NTFS formatted partition.or 3 GB free space, NTFS formatted partition, plus
adequate space for Web sites


Display 1024 X 768 1024 X 768 or higher resolution

Network 56 Kbps 56 Kbps or faster