Procedure to install Business Connector

Procedure to install Business Connector
1. Start Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup (Insert the Microsoft Dynamics AX DVD into your drive. If Setup does not launch automatically,double-click the Autorun.hta file in the root directory of the DVD).
2. To begin the installation process, click Microsoft Dynamics AX.
3. Step through the initial wizard pages.
4. On the Select installation type page, click Custom installation, and then click Next.
5. On the Select components page, select .NET Business Connector.
6. Because Business Connector is a type of Microsoft Dynamics AX client, if it is the first client being installed on a computer, Setup requires you to set the display language and the Help language. On
the Select display language page, select the language in which you would like to first run Microsoft Dynamics AX. If you later decide to change languages, the user language can be modified within the
7. On the Select Help language page, select the Help languages available for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We recommend that you install all the Help languages required for your system during initial
8. On the Connect to Application Object Server page, type the name of the Application Object Server to connect to, and then click Next.
9. If the location of the Application Object Server is unknown, contact the Microsoft Dynamics AX administrator.
10. On the Install files page, click Next to accept the default location, or click Browse to designate a different location.
11. On the Ready to install page, review the summary of roles and components for your computer
12. On the Installing page, you can monitor installation progress as Setup proceeds.
13. On the Completing Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup page, you can review the summary of roles and components for your computer. To exit Setup, click Finish.

To get details of steps in Ax 2012 you can visit following page (Link provided in image)
Install business connector