Development Steps of EP Development in Axapta

1. Create Tables/DataSets in AOT

2. Create user control in Visual Studio using EP VS-Addin.

a. Use the AXDataSourceControl to point to the DataSet created in Step 1.

b. Use AxGridView or AXForm and the BoundFields to display data and make it editable

c. Save the User Control and right click to Add to AOT. This should add the user control under “Web -> Web Controls” node and created a node under “Web -> Web Content- > Managed” and copied the .ascx and .ascx.cs file “%SYSTEM Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ep” folder

3. Create Page in SharePoint EP site and use Dynamics User Control web part and point to the User Control ( Web Content Item) Created in Step 2

4. Create a Web Menu Item in AOT and point it to the Page created in Step 3

5. Right Click the Web Menu Item and import. This should create a new item under “Web -> Web Files -> Page Definitions”

6. Hook up the Web Menu Item in the right Web->Web Menu to be displayed either in the left navigation/quick launch or in the toolbar

7. Set the appropriate security keys/config keys