Processing Olap Cubes in axapta

Processing Olap Cubes Manually
Go to ..All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Click on SQL Server Management studio
Connect with Analysis Services

1. Process Full Database
Databases > Right click on OLAP Database > Click on Process

2. Process Single cube
Databases > Olap database > Cubes > Right click on single cube > Process

After click on process, “Process database” window will appear. Set Process Options as Process Full.
Click on OK, processing will start.

processing Olap Cubes Automatically
To process OLAP cube automatically ensure that SQL server agent is started.
Go to ..All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > Click on SQL Server Configuration Manager

SQL Server Configuration Manager > SQL Server 2005 Services > Ensure that SQL Server Agent is in Automatic start mode and in Running state.
If it is not then right click on service and start it.

SQL Server agent will start.

Create XMLA query for Olap Processing
Connect with Analysis Services

Databases > Right click on OLAP database > Click on process

On the Process database window, click on dropdown arrow near Script label.
Select Script Action to New Query window.

XMLA query will generate.
Save XMLA query to file. You can create query for single cube in same manner.

Automatic processing using Sql Server agent
Connect with Database engine.

In SQL Server Agent, create new job.

Set Job name.

Set number of steps.

Click on create new step.
Set type as SQL Server Analysis Services Command.
Open *.xmla file that you saved in above step, or copy the query generated of the script.

Query will display in command window.
Set Action as per preferences.
Set path for Output file. Click the option to append output to existing file, then output after every occurrence will get append. You can view log created for job.

Set Schedule for JOB.
To create schedule, click on new button.

Set schedule properties.

You can set Alerts, notification for job.
To test job which is running or not, Right click job > click on Start Job at step.

Job will start executing.

After successful execution, window with success status will appear.

To view job status, open JOB activity Monitor.

By default, job is in idle state. It will in stage of executing at of execution.

To view last processed date and time of OLAP database, Right click on olap database > Properties.