Create Periods in a New Fiscal Year in axapta

Create the fiscal year for 2011, which begins on July 1, 2010.

1. In the Periods form, click the Create new fiscal year button to create the fiscal year for 2011.

2. Select the period length of one month.

3. Review the new fiscal year in the Periods form.

Step by Step

1. Click General ledger, click Setup, click Periods, and then click Periods.

2. Click the Create new fiscal year button.

3. In the Enter start of fiscal year field, enter 7/1/2010.

4. In the Enter close of fiscal year field, enter 6/30/2011.

5. In the Desired length of period field, enter 1.

6. In the Unit field, click the arrow to select Months.

7. Click OK to create the year. The fiscal year for 2011 is added to the Periods form.

Create Date Intervals

Follow these steps to create date intervals.

1. To access the Date intervals form, click General Ledger, click Setup, click Periods, and then click Date Intervals.

2. Press CTRL+N to create a new record.

3. Enter a date interval code in the Date interval code field. Use a code that is easy to identify when you set up date intervals on statements and reports, such as CP for the Current period.

4. Enter a short description of the date interval, in the Description field.

5. Enter the period for the date interval in the From date and To date fields.