Reverse a Transaction in axapta

You can use the following examples of forms to reverse a transaction:

• Click General Ledger, click Chart of Account details, and click Transactions

• Click Accounts Receivables, then click Customers, and then click Transactions

• Click Accounts Payables, then click Vendor, and then click Transactions

Follow these steps to reverse a transaction at the transaction level.

1. Select the transaction to reverse.

2. Click Reverse transaction.

3. Select the date of posting for the reversal transaction. The date cannot be before the original posting date or in a closed period.

4. Click OK. The transaction itself and all related transactions that were created when the original transaction is posted are reversed.

The results include the following:

• Both new and old reversed transactions now receive a special marking ‘’R(eversed)‘’ allowing you to select these transactions in:

o Reports

o Inquiries

o Periodic jobs

• The ‘’R‘’ marking identifies all transactions settled through reversal and are currently still settled.

Procedure: Revoke a Reversed Transaction

You also can reverse a reversal which involves the following actions:

• Settlements between the original transaction and its reverse are canceled.

• The original transaction is marked as an original transaction.

Follow these steps to reverse a reversal.

1. Follow one of these paths:

o Click General Ledger, then click Chart of Account details, and then select Transactions.

o Click Accounts Receivable, then click Customers, and then click Transactions.

o Click Accounts Payable, then click Vendors, and then click Transactions.

2. Select the reversed or original transaction to revoke the reversed transaction.

3. Click Reverse Transaction.

4. Select the date of posting for the revocation transaction, and then click OK. The reversed transaction and all transactions that you created by using the reversal are revoked, and the revocation transactions share the same trace number.

5. Select a transaction to view all the transactions with the same trace number, and then click Reversed Tracing.