Axapta’s key strengths

• Ease of use: Axapta relies on Microsoft standards and, for end users who are familiar with Microsoft Windows or Office, Axapta is easy to pick up.

• Ease of customization: Axapta is an ERP system that was designed to be customized.

• Ease and speed of development: Axapta combines an ERP with an open-source, object oriented,rapid application development environment.

• Internationalization: Axapta meets the legal and language requirements for 37 countries (and counting). It is therefore a good choice for companies operating in multiple countries, languages, and currencies.

• Integrated applications: With many modules available and more on the way, Axapta allows you to run all of your business processes, no matter how complex.

• Pricing: Although Axapta has the power and functionality of a tier-one ERP system, it’s priced well below its competitors. Software pricing alone can be half that of Axapta’s competitors, and consultancy fees are significantly lower, as well, with a product-cost to consulting-cost ratio of 1: 1.5. If you consider that figures for major alternatives are in the millions of dollars, Axapta is a strong candidate for a business automation system,or for replacing or upgrading an existing system.