Code Upgrade in axapta

Code Upgrade
The Code Upgrade tool is also found in the Add-ins menu. Where the Compare Object tool can be used to compare any type of object, the code upgrade tool is specialized for comparing methods. This tool is quite handy for comparing changes from an old to a new layer of a service pack or version upgrade.

 Code upgrade will show a class that has been modified in several layers.
You will see its methods listed in the left side. Methods modified in both the old layer and the new layer will be highlighted, i.e. if a method existing in the SYS layer of the old version has been modified in the new SYS layer. When you click on a method modified in more than one layer, Axapta will update the right window with a tab page representing each modified layer.

 The first tab page, Workspace will default to show the highest layer. From Workspace you can edit the method. It is preferable to open the code in the editor using the Edit button. In the sub menu Suggestion, the merge buttons will be active if the method is highlighted.

You can use the merge buttons to merge code from all layers to the workspace. This might not complete your upgrade of a method, but it helps having all code in one place. One or two layers will be listed in the sub menu Suggestion. These are the layers the code upgrade tool will suggest to use as  offset for the upgrade. Click the layer name to load the layer into the Workspace tab page.

The Compare button is used to compare two layers of a method. The compared layers will be shown on a new tab page with the differences colored. For highlighted methods, the compared tab pages will automatically be created for layers with differences.