Description of the menu bar button in MSD axapta

Description of the menu bar button is as follows:

• New: Creates a new method within the selected element.

• Save: Saves all the methods open in the method-list.

• Run: Executes the method or class if it is executable.

• Break point: Sets a break point at the line where the cursor has been placed.

• Enable/Disable break point: Enables or disables a break point.

• Remove all breakpoints: Removes all breakpoints for the current user.

• Compile: Compiles and checks for errors in the code.

• Lookup properties/methods: Displays help for the selected text if the cursor is placed over a core-function or method, list methods for a class, available values for enums, and so on.

• Lookup label/text: Opens the label editor and searches for the selected text.

• Scripts: Opens a context-menu that consists of small code snippets such as do-while loop, header comments, and so on. You can also create your own scripts by creating new methods in the Editor Scripts class.

• Help: Displays the help file for the selected text in the code window, if such a help file exists. If not, it displays the help file for the X++ code editor.