Excise Duty in Microsoft dynamics

Excise Duty

à Components of Excise –
 a) Excise, b) Primary Education Cess (PCess),
c) Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Cess (SHECess)

à A registered Excise manufacturer\producer gets a 15 digit alphanumeric ECC no. which is PAN based.
There is an excise tariff code maintained for different purchase \ sale items with their specific rates.Tax Credit is available on all Excise duty, Pcess and SHECess.

à Legal & Statutory Compliance –
Separate registers are to be maintained which are subject to audit–

1) Manufacturing –
RG23A (Raw materials \Consumables\ Packing Material)
RG23C (Capital Goods \ Tools \ Spares)
RG1 – Daily Stock Register (Finished Goods produced)
2) Trading – RG23D (Purchase, Sales)

3)      Sub Contract – 57F4