Inventory Closing and Adjustment in Axapta

After closing, it is no longer possible to post inventory transactions in the closed period.

Inventory closing and adjustment can be done from the Closing and Adjustment form, which you access by selecting Inventory Management ➤Periodic ➤ Closing and Adjustment.

Several functions are available from the Closing and Adjustment form:• Close: The closing procedure is used to match issues and receipts in prior periods to determine the true value of inventory on hand by using the appropriate inventory model to adjust the cost prices on any issue transactions. Generally, companies will perform this process once a year.

• Recalculation: This process simulates the closing procedure described previously to determine item costs without actually closing the said period. Companies that need a very accurate look at their inventory value may run this process many times throughout the year.

• Adjustment: Use the Adjustment button to adjust the inventory value of inventory on hand or inventory transactions for a given receipt.

• Cancellation: This process will allow you to cancel or roll back the last closing.

• Settlements: The Settlements form shows any adjustments that were made and why such adjustments were made.

• Ledger: The Voucher Transactions button will display the voucher containing the ledger transactions related to the closing.

• Print: The Print button will print the settlement adjustments You specify how Axapta should calculate the value of your inventory in the inventory model group. The inventory model selected is applied, and inventory is finally valued whenever the inventory closing procedure is run. Before this procedure is run for a given period, the true value of inventory is just an estimate, as receipts and issues have not yet been matched using the proper model. The closing and adjustment process will adjust any transactions based on the model specified and the transactions of the specific items given in the specific time period.