license code groups in axapta

license code groups

The license code groups are the following:
• System: Basic functionality, technologies, tools, and layers that you have access to
• Modules: Standard application modules developed by MBS and solution provider partners
• Partner modules: Add-on application modules provided by nonsolution provider partners
• Web: The Enterprise Portal module, roles related to this module, other modules integrated with this module, and the number of EP users
• Languages: Languages for which you are licensed

The fields in each tab are as follows:
• Code description: Presents the textual designation of the feature or module
• License code: Specifies the code that activates the feature or module
• Status: Indicates the state of the feature or module, which can be a number representing a quantity of licenses; Ok, meaning that the feature is activated; or NOk or blank, indicating that the feature is not activated.
• Certificate: Displays an icon of a certificate for all activated features that are verified.