Possiblity of Work in Offline mode for Microsoft dynamics Ax

"Offline mode" as working at Remote site that is having the AX client in remote site, work locally (not connected to main server) and synchronizing records with main server" is it possible?

main server, integration server, offline system
create one application in dot net to integrate the data between all of three server
once any change is done in main server it will be updated in integration server, after doing necessary steps to avoid duplication. same process will do between integration server and offline system.
it is not that simple. In AX world there is no such thing called offline. Because its not only client and db, you need a AOS as well for all your clients.

Instead of this, identify what you need in offline mode. and create a .net application with its own db. have your synch logic in place only for necessarily data.
this is how AX retails POS system works.

AX retail, on the other hand is nothing but a whole different application built using .NET for touch screens. It has few tables, classes, forms, report sitting in the AX but just to make your life easier for setting it up. After every main change in these retail tables in AX, you need to push it to AX retail (POS). It has its own DB for necessary entities and it synchs with AX main DB periodically.
every offline application is kind of a small different application then the main application.