Project Types in Microsoft dynamics axapta

Project Types in dynamics ax

There are two groups of AOT projects: private and shared. Private projects are only visible to the user who created the project. Shared projects are visible to all users. You should only use private projects for testing purposes or similar tasks. Using shared projects means that more than one developer can work on the project at the same time.

To create a project, right-click the private or shared project node and choose New.
Beyond private and shared, there are three types of projects. The first project type just called project is the default project type. This is the project created if you press ctrl+n on the project node. The other two project types, Web project and Help Book are created using X++. By extending the system class ProjectNode, you can create your own project types. The icon in the project list indicates the type of the project.
Additional options can be added to a project type by adding a menu item to the Context menu