Usage data in microsoft Dynamics axapta

Usage data in microsoft axapta

The button Usage data shows stored settings for objects such as forms, reports and runable classes. When a user changes the layout of a form, changes the query of a form or enters values in a report dialog, the settings will the saved. The usage data is stored in the system table SysLastValue.

Only one record exists per object per user, as only the value of the last execution is stored. If you want to see the usage data for all users, you can call the usage data form from Tools-> Development Tools-> Application Objects->Usage data.

The Usage Data form shows the content of the system table SysLastValue for the current user, divided into tab pages for each type of object. The general tab page has a button to delete all content of SysLastValue for the current user.

This is quite handy if  you are going to test your modifications, as you then can start out testing with the same settings as the application user will have the first time a form or report is executed.
Testing modification with usage data stored for the objects is in fact a common source of errors, as an object might act differently with usage data, such as when a range is added to a query.

The tab page All usage data lists the objects from all the usage data tab pages. Notice this tab page will also list usage data for classes.