What is Domains in Axapta?

Domains are groups of company accounts that, combined with user groups, allow you to define different permissions for a user group depending on the company that is active. This means,for example, that a user can have full access to the General Ledger in the context of one company and only limited access in the context of another company.

 You do this by assigning permissions to combinations of domains and user groups. To start, bring up the Domains by using the main application menu and selecting Administration .>Setup-> ➤Domains

You create a new domain or a record in a table/form by using the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N.
The Admin domain is always present, and cannot be deleted. This domain allows access to all company accounts, and without it you could possibly lock yourself out of a company.

If you had already created company accounts, then you could choose a domain and go to the Company Accounts tab to select the companies associated with it. For the examples we’ve walked you through you haven’t, so you will instead associate companies to existing domains in the Companies form and skip the second tab of the Domains form, which contains two panels and two transfer buttons that allow you to select and deselect the companies that are associated with the domain from the list of existing ones.

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