How to install the Team Servers from axapta DVD

1. Insert the Microsoft Dynamics AX DVD into the computer that will host the Team Server. The main Microsoft Dynamics AX installation page will be displayed. If the page does not appear automatically, double-click the Autorun.hta file in the root directory of the DVD.

2. Click Additional tools.

3. Click Install Team Server.

4. Step through the initial wizard pages.

5. Select the kind of database: Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database Server.

6. For Microsoft SQL Server, type the SQL Server name. Click Next.

a. Select Install new Team Server, type the Team Server database name, and then click Next.

7. For Oracle Database Server, type the TNS Service name. Click Next.

a. Type the Schema name and Password. Click Next.

b. Type the Oracle Role name. Click Next.

Type the Team Server user group name. If the group name does not exist, Setup will create the group. Click Next.

8. Click Install

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