How to tackle Enterprise portal update problems in axapta

 As we know business connector is main links which connect ssrs,WF,EP,AIF etc to ax or aos (application object server) and aos ,database and domain controller is another strong part of dynamics axapta.

EP Update

some times when we made changes to any web user control then changes did not reflect immediate its reflect after some times.

following point you keep in mind if you are developing any EP application.

1. add user control to aot if its newly created.
2. If changes not reflecting then you need to change source code on all three places .net project ,ax aot and ep folder files.
3. If still changes not reflecting then deploy your page again using aot and use iisreset command in command prompt.
4. Instead of restarting iis you need to restart application pool.
5. At last you can use all three opton of refresh aod refresh , data dictionary etc which comes on your ep home menu.

I think those all ideas will help you to develop your application of enterprice portal. your feedback will give power to write something more about EP.