Naming conventions in MSD Axapta

Naming conventions in Axapta

• Application object names are mixed case. The first letter of the name is uppercase as is the first letter of each word in the name. This is called Camelcasing (for example: SalesFormLetter).

• Methods, variables, and functions have mixed case names with a lowercase first letter. This is called Pascal casing (for example: initFromSalesTable).

• Primitive variable types use lowercase names (for example: str).This material is copyright and is licensed for the sole use by ALESSANDRO CAROLLO on 18th December.

• All names should be in U.S. English.

• Be consistent while naming.

• Only tables, base enums, and extended data types should have the prefix 'DEL_'. This prefix is used to indicate that the element will be removed in the next version, and is used by the data upgrade scripts in AX.