Views in Microsoft dynamics Axapta

What is Views?

Views are a form of transient tables that are populated at run time using their definition and code. There is not much to say here about their properties except for the following:
• TitleField1 and TitleField2: As with tables, these specify fields that are displayed in the active title bar of forms.
They do, however, have some subtypes that are worth a word or two:
• Meta data: A container of data sources that are references to the tables from which the view is populated.
• Fields: The fields that the view populates from the specified data sources.
• Field groups: The same as in tables.
• Methods: As usual, this is where you can add functionality, for example, X++ code, by creating methods.
Typically, you would use a view to represent a subset of a table or a joined set of two or more tables.