Find label in MSD axapta application

Find label in microsoft axapta application

This form is used to search the label system. This is the same form opened when looking up a label from the property sheet or from the code editor.
The search for labels will be done in the language selected at the top. If you want to search for a label in English, you can have the label shown in other languages by going to the advance tab page and select the desired languages. You search will still be done in English, but as an addition the selected languages will be listed in the bottom of the form.

 This can be useful if you want to assure that labels have been added for all the languages you use for formulas like the sales invoice. When searching for a label using < and > will narrow your search. If you want to look up the label 'Customer', it will perform faster by keying in <Customer> as only labels with the exact text 'Customer' will be found. To find all labels starting with 'Customer', you simply enter <Customer>.

Normally the label system is called from the property sheet or from the code editor, where you lookup a text to find the appropriate label for the text. If the label is found,you click the Paste label button to return the label id. If no label is found, you can add anew label based on the search text by clicking the New button. The new label will be created in the default label file id specified in the advanced tab page.