How to Give Users Access to the SharePoint Site in MSDAX

How to Give Users Access to the SharePoint Site

After Role Centers and Enterprise Portal installation, the administrator will give users access to the Role Centers SharePoint site. If a user does not have access to the site, the user will receive an access error when attempting to view the Role Center page on either the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or in Enterprise Portal.
1. Open the Role Centers site in a Web browser. The default URL is
2. On the Site Settings page, under Users and Permissions, click People and groups.
3. On the toolbar, click New > Add Users or New > New Group to add users or create a new group on the current site.
4. Assign users to SharePoint groups whenever possible to help minimize the amount of time spent administering individual user accounts.
5. It is possible to add all the members of an Active Directory group by entering the domain and group name as a new user. All authenticated users may be added by clicking the Add all authenticated users link on the Add Users page.
6. Grant each user or group permission on the site. To determine the desired user permissions, speak with the user's manager or group manager.