Test Driven Development in MSD Axapta

There is much talk of developing a technique called Test Driven Development(TDD), where the developer to implement your code before it creates the test, to later create your code based test.o from AX 4.0 Microsoft has implemented a framework to assist in this type of methodology is called "SysTest."


Systest Unit Test is a framework, and who has worked with J Unit or Unit-test others will not have much difficulty.

Main features / objectives:

It is very fast

Provides rich set of "assert" methods

Supports testing of exceptions

Supports transactions

It supports the company's accounts

Supports test suites

Supports inserting and deleting method suite that runs before the first method and then the last.

It supports code coverage

Tools for quick Test Suite

I'll put down an example of using the framework SysTest:

First of all you must enable the special toolbar framework, Tools; Development Tools; Unit Test; Show Toolbar.

Create a class that extends the class SysTestCase, which is the class where there are "test cases".

After creating a new method, put the name of its class in the toolbar and click executor framework for running the tests.