Interview questions and answers on share point

1.Master page deployment. How?
2. Can Master page has .cs file and if yes where is it placed?
3. Can you deploy a web part in a web part?
4. Why do you use InfoPath forms over pages?
5. What are content types? why we need site columns?
6. Difference Site Definition and Site Template.
7. How can you create Master page using Object model
8. In ASP.Net- difference between Website and Web Application
9. Is String builder Value type or Reference type
10. How do you configure search
11. Why we need SSP
12. Difference between SSP and Central Admin
13. What are new features in Share point
14. Different authentications in share point
15. Scenario and write code in object model- In a web part input name,phone and address fields and two lists on different servers should be updated with the entered data.
16. Why we need features
17. Difference between web part manual deployment and using features
18. How do you develop connectible web parts
19. How many web part managers in a site collection
20. How to work with Ajax in share point
21. Workflows in SP designer and visual studio
22.What architecture you followed in your project : 3 tier or Design pattern.
23. In out of box where do you use CAML query with out using object model

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SharePoint Interview question answers