Solution for Error unable to load usercontrols and .ascx file not found in MSDAX

1. Create a Directory called “usercontrols” in the root of your share point web site on the file system E.g. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\moss.litwareinc.com80\UserControls

2. Open IIS manager and in the root of your Share Point site create a Virtual Directory called “_controls” and point it to that newly created directory.

3. Put your user control in that newly created directory on the file system

4. Open the web.config file and add the following:

5. In your ASPX page add the following:

<%@ Register src="~/_controls/SomeControl.ascx" mce_src="~/_controls/SomeControl.ascx" TagName="somecontrol" TagPrefix="uc2" %">

6. Run your ASPX page and your control should render correctly.