Code to create csv file from table data in MSDAX

If you want  Code to create csv file from table data using x++ code in Axapta application

Try this code in job

 //Declaration of variables  
 CommaTextIo commaTextIo;  
 FileIOPermission permission;  
 CustTable custTable;  
 //assign file path and file name  
 str fileName = strFmt('%1\\ax_%2.csv', WinAPI::getTempPath(), "Name"); // @"C:\My Documents\abc.csv";  
 permission = new FileIOPermission(fileName,#io_write);  
 commaTextIo = new CommaTextIo(fileName,#io_write);  
 //select data in query to write in csv file  
 while select custTable  
 //After execution of job you can see .csv file in temp folder