Compares two text strings in MSD axapta x++ language

 strCmp (Compare Two Strings)  
 info("int strCmp(str text1, str text2)");  
 info("Compares two text strings. The function is case-sensitive.");  
 info("0 if the two strings are identical, 1 if the first string is longer, or -1 if the second string is longer.");  
 info("strCmp(\"abc\",\"abc\") = " + int2str(strCmp("abc","abc")));  
 info("strCmp(\"ABC\",strUpr(\"abc\")) = " + int2str(strCmp("ABC",strUpr("abc"))));  
 info("strCmp(strLwr(\"ABC\"),\"abc\") = " + int2str(strCmp(strLwr("ABC"),"abc")));