Find a first occurrence of a character in a string in MSD axapta

 strFind (Find a first occurrence of a character in a string)  
 info("int strFind(str _text,str _characters,int _position,int _number)");  
 info("Searches a text string for the first occurrence of one of the specified characters.");  
 info("_text- The text string to search.");  
 info("_characters - The characters to search for.");  
 info("_position - The position in the text string where the search begins.");  
 info("_number - The number of characters to search.");  
 info("strFind(\"ABCDEFGHIJ\",\"C\",1,10) " + int2str(strFind("ABCDEFGHIJ","C",1,strLen("ABCDEFGHIJ"))));  
 info("strFind(\"ABCDEFGHIJ\",\"C\",10,-10) " + int2str(strFind("ABCDEFGHIJ","C",strLen("ABCDEFGHIJ"),(-1) * strLen("ABCDEFGHIJ"))));