Section Group Report using fetch in MSDAX

In Section Group Report not using fetch(Query) only drag and drop the fields you want to get displayed from tables in datasource node

In Section Group Report using fetch(Query)  drag and drop the field you want to displayed from tables in datasource node  and do the following

 public boolean fetch()  
   test_ItemYN test_ItemYN_Obj;  
   QueryRun qr;  
   QueryBuildDataSource  qbds_test_ItemYN, qbds_test_Item_Price;  
   Query q = new Query();  
   QueryBuildLink QueryBuildLink1;  
   q = new query();  
   qbds_test_ItemYN = q.addDataSource(tableNum(test_ItemYN));  
   qbds_test_Item_Price = qbds_test_ItemYN.addDataSource(tablenum(test_Item_Price));  
   // qbds.addLink(fieldnum(pARENTtABLE, FD_Id), fieldnum(cHILDtABLE, Parent_FD_Id));  
   qbds_test_Item_Price.addLink(fieldnum(test_ItemYN, ItemId), fieldnum(test_Item_Price, ItemId));  
   //qbds_test_Item_Price.joinMode(JoinMode::ExistsJoin);// JoinMode::InnerJoin  
   qr = new QueryRun(q);  
     test_ItemYN_Obj = qr.get(tablenum(test_ItemYN));  
     this.send(test_ItemYN_Obj);  //Send all tables whose fields are dragged on report design  
   return true;