How to use financial Dimension technically in MSD AX 2012

a. Open AOT>>Data Dictionary>>Extended Data Types type/select Dimension Default and drag it in table

which will be used further as a data source in form where you have to show the Dimensions. Do

Remember  that you have to drag it in table not at Data Source.
b .Open Table in the Data, Dictionary which will be used as a Data source, and create a relation with table DimensionAttributeValueSet .

c .Right Click the Relations. Select ‘New Realation’.  Select properties. Set name as

DimensionAttributeValueSet, Table as DimensionAttributeValueSet.

d. Right Click the this newly created Relation DimensionAttributeValueSet, select New>>Normal.

e. Set the properties of Normal Relation as:  Field=TheFieldwhichwillsaveDimensionNumberInYourTable

Source EDT= DimensionDefault

Related Field=RecId

2.Verify that the table that will hold the foreign key to the DimensionAttributeValueSet table is a
data source on the form(the one on which you have to show dimensions).

3.Create a tab that will contain the financial dimensions control. This control is often the only data shown on the tab because the number of financial dimensions can be large.

4.set properties of Tab as under

a.Set the Name metadata of the tab to TabFinancialDimensions.
b.Set the AutoDeclaration metadata of the tab to Yes.
c.Set the Caption metadata of the tab to @SYS101181 (Financial dimensions).
d.Set the NeedPermission metadata of the tab to Manual.
e.Set the HideIfEmpty metadata of the tab to No.
        5.Override the pageActivated method on the new tab

 public void pageActivated  

 6.Override the following methods on the form.

 class declaration  
  public class FormRun extends ObjectRun  
   DimensionDefaultingController dimDefaultingController;  
 init (for the form):  
 public void init()  
 dimDefaultingController=DimensionDefaultingController::constructInTabWithValues( true, true, true, 0,  this,   tabFinancialDimensions,   "@SYS138487");  
   fieldstr(myTable, DefaultingDimension));  
  7. Override the following methods on the form data source  
 public int active()  
   int ret;  
   ret = super();  
   return ret;  
 public void write()  
 public void delete()