User name and password screen form for MSD axapta applicaiton

User name and password screen form for axapta applicaiton:

If you want to set separate login screen for axapta application then its very difficult to implement but I want to share some hint to help you because this things is in high demand.

1. First you can create table for login details with field user-id and password. extended data type for user id should be userid to select user id for password you can set property password type to yes then you can use different event to maintain password in * character through code.

2. Create login form to enter login details to store it.

3. Create another login form put control for userid and password to check from table you can write validation code on that form.

4. put that form in display menu.

5. call that login form in  application class in start-up post method.

this will work if everything done well.