Error executing Code: SysDictMenu object not initialized Workflow MS Dynamics axapta

when I select user group permission setup form, In permission tab ,I can’t select workflow view from viewing drobdown list. It shows Error Message,

Error executing Code: SysDictMenu object not initialized.

(c) \classes\SysDictMenu\label
(c)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkFlow\initMenuItemType -line 22

(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\initworkflowTemplateMenuItems - linew 53

(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\initworkflowview - line 219

(C)\Classes\SysSecurityViewWorkflow\init -line 11

(C)\Classes\SysSecurity\initSecurityTable -line 8.

(C)\Form\SysUserGroupSecurity\Methods\updateprogress - line 59

How to resolve this problems?.
Solution : This is not installation problem nor configuration of workflow problem .This problem can come if you are trying to customize workflow for new module if you have done any mistake on properties selection for workflow component then you can face this problem you can resolve this problem by correcting your customization for workflow.