Things which need to learn in Enterprise portal in Microsoft dynamics axapta

If you want to become master in EP then you need to cover following topics in your learning.

1. Enterprise Portal Components
2. Enterprise Portal Architecture
3. Enterprise Portal Requirements
4. .NET Business Connector
5. Create Business Connector Proxy
6. Add Proxy to IIS
7. Configure IIS Application Pool
8. Install Enterprise Portal Framework and Role Centers
9. Install Enterprise Portal Developer Tools
10. Configure Enterprise Portal
11. Deploy Role Centers
12. The AOT Web Node
13. Creating a User Control in Visual Studio .Net.
14. Creating a Web Form in AOT.
15. Creating a Header Line Form in .NET.
16. Creating a Web Report and displaying the Contents Graphically.
17. How to filter a grid in EP on the click of a button.
18. Customizing and Personalizing Enterprise Portal
19. Creating Proxies in Ax
20. Defining Methods in Data set and calling them in EP
21. Filtering a Web Report through a Dialog Box in EP
22. Linking of 2 Web Parts and transferring data from one Web part to another.
23. Using all the Share point Controls for AX in EP.
24. Creating a simple SSRS graphical Report and adding it in EP
25. Role Center Tailoring.
26. Creating a new Role centre Page.
27. Creating a new CUE
28. Enterprise Portal Security